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• Bestrong is produced with special UV coating (PUR) which has high durability and long service life.
• High strength and hardness properties resists against continuous pressing and scraping.
• It has higher resistance against deformation and degradation in high temperature.
• Our Bestrong has advance special coating ensures high level of anti-contamination quality.

• It has a delicate and realistic wood emboss surface presenting a very natural feel and comfort to your room.
• It is highly resistant against deformation and degeneration due to high temperature.
• Adopting the special UV coating(PUR), our flooring has excellent stain resistance which make cleaning easy.
• It has excellent abrasion resistance and  99.99% anti bacteria properties.
• It is economical, practical and gives excellent durability


• Thickness: 1.6mm
• Wear Layer: 0.15mm
• Width: 2m / 6.56ft
• Backing: Solid under layer
• Roll Length: 20m / 65.61ft (21.87 Yard)
• Roll Area: 40m2 / 430.55ft2


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ER 92772

Bamboo Light – BS82355 (Emboss)

Grey – BS3034(Emboss)

ER 92787

Walnut Wood – BS82273 (Emboss)

Mocha – BS12846

ER 927810

Beech – BS12366 (Emboss)

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