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Eternal Origin

Eternal Original

Eternal Original is a high-quality heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that fits all general purpose needs in various segments and applications. The collection presents an advanced range of natural wood, stone, textile and colourful designs along with some exclusive digitally printed visuals.

PUR Pearl and PUR Wood Pearl

Forbo uses it’s proven PUR Pearl lacquering protection technique that assures an even amount of lacquering both on top and in the deeper areas of the embossing. It prevents the surface collecting dirt and is the best guarantee for quality and gloss consistency that ensures low maintenance costs.

New in the Eternal Wood range are 8 items that are introduced with a specific PUR Wood embossing, offering the best possible performance on an all over wood grain design with integrated Pearl effect. The mat embossed lacquer layer ensures the highest level of both chemical- and scuff resistance.

Phthalate free

All Eternal floor coverings are created with the highest environmental stands in mind using the best qualified virgin materials as well as controlled recycled content creating a closed loop production. In addition all items in the Eternal range are phthalate free.


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