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Vinyl Tiles

Laflor Living Vinyl Tiles are manufactured in one of the largest vinyl tiles factory in Korea with over 25 years of experience. Our tiles are specially coated with Nano Silver which inhibits multiplication and growth of those bacteria and fungi that cause infection, odor, itchiness and sores. It is more durable with UV-coating which protects the flooring from strong sun rays. Our eco-friendly vinyl tiles with over 150 designs are made of over 50% recycled materials and is easy to maintain. Laflor Living, experience the look & feel of wood in your living space without cutting down a tree. Contact us to find out more.


Laflor Living vinyl tiles are high resistance floorcoverings that provide a natural wood finishing to your living space. Our products are good slip resistance and 99.9% bacteria free, beneficial for your family. It is an ideal floor for homes, hospitals, commercial offices, child care centres, elderly homes, retail shops and other indoor areas.


Laflor Living vinyl tiles can be installed over new and existing flooring, such as ceramic tiles, concrete, parquet or other structurally sound subfloor. Any cracks and uneven surface must be patched or leveled prior to installation. The subfloor must be dry, smooth and free of dust, oil or any substance that will affect adhesive bonding. For surface protection, you can apply liquid emulsion polish or waxing.

It can be used to install for staircase, platform or wall features.


Laflor Living vinyl tiles comes with:

a. UV coating to protect discolouration from sun rays.

b. Nano-silver infused to eradicate all known odours & give anti-bacterial properties.

c. Anti-termites.

d. Acoustically friendly.

e. Watertight & slip resistant.

f. Easy maintenance, can change by pieces.

We recommend the following care & maintenance procedures.


Sweep or vacuum regularly.

Clean with neutral detergent like normal household floor detergents eg. Kleenex, Ajax etc. Do wring the mop dry & change the water once it is black & dirty.

For stubborn sticky stains, you can use Isopropyl alcohol (a mild solvent) or turpentine to clean off the stain with a dry white cloth.


When moving heavy appliances or furniture, it is best to lay a protection first like plywood, cloth or cardboard on your floor & “walk” the item across it to avoid scratches.


A. Harsh chemicals like bleach, thinner, abrasive cleaners, “mop & shine” or parquet / wood floor cleaners.

B. Wax or polish meant for wood flooring.

C. Highly abrasive scrubbing tools.

D. Avoid using sponge mop & steam mop for glue down vinyl flooring.

vinyl tiles
vinyl tiles
vinyl tiles

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