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Sarlon 15db

What is it?

Sarlon 15 dB is a unique flooring solution for areas with high acoustic and high load requirements. With chemical resistance, easy maintenance, long-lasting performance of Xtrem PURTM and excellent residual indentation it is the perfect solution in demanding environments.

In-room impact sound

In-room impact sound relates to impact sound in the room itself. You want to reduce this to create a more calm and pleasant environment. All products in the Sarlon range offer a lot of sound reduction and are rated class A, the best possible class.

Inter-level Impact sound

Reducing impact sound transmitted through the floor to the level below is a critical characteristic in today’s environments. In combination with the other superior performance characteristics, Forbo Sarlon 15dB Flooring offers an impact sound reduction to users on both levels.

Comfort & Safety

Sarlon flooring offers a softer touch to the feet and has greater cushioning effect compared to the common vinyl flooring. With a slip-resistance rating of R10, it is the ideal flooring for children and elderly.

Specifications (Basic)

Thickness 2.6 mm
Wear Layer 0.7mm
Length x width +/- 25m x 2m
NCS S 4020-Y10R
LRV 29%


• 15 dB (decibels) impact sound reduction
• excellent indentation performance
• XtremPUR™ innovative lacquering ensuring lasting performance
• R10 slip-resistance
• best in class chemical resistance
• certified anti-bacterial activity
• very low TVOC (<0.01 mg/m2)
• mat finish
• improved scratch-resistance
• phthalate-free flooring


8513T4315 blond chill oak

8413T4315 natural oak

8421T4315 polar oak



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Laflor Living PDF Catalogue