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Furniture Linoleum

What is it

Furniture Linoleum is an organic surfacing material for furniture that functions similarly to conventional High-Pressure Laminates (HPL), but with greater versatility. Its benefits to health and environment makes it a valuable choice of surface finishing in today’s society.

Benefits of Furniture Linoleum

Studies have shown that High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) – the most widely used surface finishing for furniture in Singapore – have a low resistance to bacteria, chemicals and corrosion. They also have a low fungal resistance and do not hold up well in environments where water and moisture is present.
Linoleum on the other hand, has often been dubbed the safest construction material in the world. Some benefits of Furniture Linoleum include:

  1. Made with 100% natural ingredients, organic composition
  2. No VOCs, toxic fumes, or harmful substances such as phthalates
  3. Anti-microbial, deterring growth of bacteria on surface
  4. Flexible, can be bent lengthways to 50mm diameter
  5. Matt surface with sleek and warm finishing
  6. Antistatic & anti-fingerprint marks
  7. Pleasant surface texture to write on
  8. Environmental-friendly & sustainable production
  9. Can be installed without edge-finishing such as ABS

Installation & Maintenance

Furniture Linoleum can be applied easily on all common materials such as MDF, chipboard and plywood as well as steel or composite materials.

Download the Furniture Linoleum Installation & Maintenance Guide, Technical Specifications, and E-Brochure:

4177 Vapour

4157 Pearl

4185 Powder

4183 Pistachio

4182 Spring Green

4186 Orange Blast

4132 Ash

4175 Pebble

4176 Mushroom

4180 Aquavert

4164 Salsa

4155 Pewter

4166 Charcoal

4172 Mauve

4174 Conifer

4181 Midnight Blue

4154 Burgundy

4179 Smokey Blue

4023 Nero

4178 Iron



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