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What makes Noveflor different from the other vinyl flooring in the market?

While most vinyl tiles out there utilize the 2G Valinge mechanical lock system, Noveflor Push-to-Fit Vinyl Tiles are constructed with a unique, all-round clip-frame base with clicking elements which ensure quick and easy installation. It has a solid backing which allows for water that seeps underneath to flow freely without being absorbed into the tile, making it an ideal choice of floor for wet interior areas such as the bathroom or in the shower.

Can we clean the vinyl flooring with a wet mop?

Wet mopping does not damage our vinyl tiles as they are made completely of highly water-resistant materials. However, for glue-down vinyl flooring, excessive water may seep through the joints and cause the glue underneath to debond. It is recommended to use a damp – not dripping wet – mop to clean the vinyl flooring.

The joints between the tiles are visible. Why is that?

Vinyl tiles nowadays are constructed with a beveled-edge on all sides. This is to reduce the unpleasant visibility of demarcation lines in between flat tiles as well as to bring out the elegance of each individual tile.

What are the differences of smooth and embossed (rough) surface finishing?

Smooth surfaces provide a classic wood finishing and are easier to clean, while embossed surfaces provide a more sensational feel of the wood grains and more friction to the feet.

Do I need to hack / remove my existing floor before installing the vinyl flooring?

The Noveflor Push-to-Fit and Noble Wood Click-&-Lock Vinyl Tile series can be overlaid directly on existing tile, marble, stone, or any smooth-surface floors. For Glue-Down Vinyl tile and sheet, a site-inspection is recommended but most of the time a self-smoothing compound underlayment would solve the problem.

Can we clean the vinyl floor with all kinds of detergents in the market?

Most flooring detergents can be used to clean our vinyl flooring. However, we do not recommend the use of bleach or any acidic agents as they might cause slight discoloration to the product.

Can a sharp item pierce through the vinyl flooring easily when dropped?

Vinyl floors are made of resilient material, therefore susceptible to sharp items. Even hard tiles can break or part of it chipped off by impact of a falling item. The good thing is – you can replace the damaged vinyl tile easily without a hassle, and it’s inexpensive!

Why are there different warranty periods for the interlocking and glue-down flooring?

The warranty periods are based on the wear layer thickness of the product. The series with a thicker wear layer usually has a longer warranty period.

Are vinyl flooring harmful to human health, toddlers, or pets?

Our products have undergone and passed several health-related testings such as anti-bacteria and fire-resistance, and the glue we use are water-based with low-odor. We have installed the vinyl flooring in numerous childcare centers, Montessori, and veterinary clinics.

Do we need to polish the vinyl floor regularly?

No. Unlike natural wood flooring like parquet that has a coat of varnish, vinyl flooring is a finished product which requires no further treatment on its surface. That is why it is a hassle-free and low-maintenance product.


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