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Floor Protecton Mat

Woven Fabric Floor Protection Mat

Ideal for Use during Ongoing and Post Renovation

During ongoing renovations there is a risk that the floor may be scratched by heavy equipment/tools, or stained by industrial substances such as oil-based lubricants, paints, and adhesives. After renovation is completed, the protective mat protects the floor from scratches and scuff marks caused by moving of furniture and appliances into the unit.

Many of these damages can be irreversible and require expensive replacements, and can be prevented using the right floor protection mats.

– Material: PVE
– Available in Green & White
– Packing Type: Roll
– Dimensions: Length 38.8m x Width 1.15m
– Thickness: 1.1mm
– Total Area: 44.62m2

– Wear Resistant
– Water-resistant
– Slip Resistant
– Scratch Resistant
– Durable and Resilient
– Provide good cushion as it has an additional layer of foam on the underlay


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